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930 €930.00 Excl. VAT

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Bulk package Solvay Galden of 5 kg, which corresponds to approximately 2.75 liter.

This liquid is generally harmless to the human body, but we still recommend not to inhale the vapour and not to touch the liquid and to view the safety sheet listed below.

A smaller amount of the LS230 variant of the liquid (0.5 L) is available here.

Different variants of Galden

The number in the product name indicates the boiling point of the liquid.

Galden HT135 Generally used in cooling applications.
Galden LS200 For extremely sensitive soldering applications.
Galden LS215 For extremely sensitive soldering applications.
Galden LS230 Default fluid for soldering lead-free and lead solder. Suitable for sentitive and regular PCBs.
Galden HS240 Higher boiling point for special soldering applications.
Galden HS260 For special applications.

Excellent soldering results are achieved by using Galden LS230 in combination with Chipquik lead-free soldering paste, in a Vaporflow reflow oven.


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