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The Vaporflow 275 is a reflow oven that uses vapour phase to reflow solder circuit boards. Problems that occur with small infrared or convection ovens are a thing of the past. Components with large thermal mass, fine pitch, or with black plastic are easily soldered using this oven.

The Vaporflow heats a special liquid to soldering temperature, creating a vapor that coats the circuit board. This vapor heats the circuit board very uniformly to 1 temperature. The uniform heating makes soldering circuit boards with various components very easy.

The Vaporflow provides a stainless steel container in which the circuit boards are placed on a tray. At the bottom of the kettle is a layer of liquid. The kettle is sealed with a lid. The vaporflow heats the liquid according to a pre-programmed profile. A sensor monitors the temperature inside the container. When the circuit board is soldered, the vapor is cooled again against the walls of the oven with powerful fans.

The soldering temperature is determined by the chosen vapor phase liquid. The standard liquid is Galden LS230, with which all common leaded and lead-free printed circuit boards can be soldered. The Vaporflow can handle all vapor phase liquids with temperatures between 180 and 240℃.

With the touch screen, the soldering process can be started and stopped. During soldering, a graph is displayed with the measured and set temperatures. All values can be logged to an SD Card. Custom soldering profiles can also be created for specific applications or fine-tuning.

The Vaporflow features multiple safeguards to prevent overheating. A sensor detects if the lid is placed.

The Galden liquid is expensive per liter, but its consumption in soldering is very low, so the overall running cost of the Vaporflow is low.


  • Very consistent results due to uniform heating
  • Handles well components that are difficult to solder with other furnaces
  • Overheating of the circuit board is impossible
  • Clear touch screen
  • Custom solder profiles can be created
  • Solder cycle can be logged to SD card as CSV file


Max. PCB length 235 mm
Max. PCB width 170 mm
Temperature range by choice liquid 180 - 240℃
Duration of soldering cycle 14 minutes
Approximate Galden consumption per cycle 2 grams

Maximum dimensions for PCB are not max length times max width, see datasheet for details.


  • Vaporflow 275
  • 400 grams Galden LS230
  • Power cord
  • Platform for PCBs
  • Liquid dipstick
  • Syringe
  • Manual

We recommend that the oven, like conventional ovens, be used only in a well-ventilated room, or with a vapor extractor.

Click here for the 110V version with US power cord.

Pros and cons

  • Controlled and uniform soldering temperature
  • Consistent results
  • Components that IR and convection ovens cannot handle are not a problem for this oven
  • Galden LS230 is included


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