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This soldering station is a perfect addition to any workbench. It makes use of the active tips ensures that the tip is at temperature very quickly and is also kept at a very stable temperature. The active tips used by this station are, compared to other brands, very economical. In addition, it is possible, due to the small dimensions of this station, to use it at any (busy) workplace.
On the clear OLED display it is easy to see if the tip is already at temperature and after 1 minute of inactivity the station automatically goes into sleep mode. The station comes with adapter, soldering iron holder and 3 active tips. So after purchase it is immediately ready to use.


Max. Power72W
Temperature range200 - 480 ℃
Dimensions88 x 41 x 38 mm
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This soldering station comes with:

  • T12 Soldering iron
  • 3x Soldering tip (T12-D08/T12-C4/T12-I)
  • Soldering iron holder
  • Adapter

Pros and cons

  • Active tip
  • Small form factor