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Product number: ELE003828


Chipquik SMDTCLF is a soldering tip cleaner on a lead-free basis. This cleaner is RoHS 3 and REACH compliant.

Cleaning instructions:
  • Heat up soldering iron to normal working temperature. Normally, a soldering iron tip temperature of 370°C - 425°C is enough. Wait until the tip has reached the desired temperature.
  • Press the soldering iron tip firmly into the cleaning paste.
  • Wait a few seconds until the paste melts around the soldering tip. While melting, the paste will clean the tip and then coat it with a protective layer of lead free alloy.
  • Use your soldering iron as normal to solder joints and connections.
  • Repeat cleaning as often as necessary to keep tip clean and shiny. This will lengthen the lifetime of your soldering iron tip.

Pros and cons

  • Lead-free
  • RoHS 3 & REACH Compliant


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Review by MQ 
Posted on 14/06/2022
Paste/powder consistency, moderate efficiency. Works better with abrasive treatment of the tip (be careful). And better leave windows open.