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In an ideal world, all wires and connections are well insulated. In the real world, however, everything wears out and connections are not perfect. To prevent this from causing problems, it is important to regularly test electrical systems for insulation. Insulation resistance meters test whether the insulation of cables is sufficient. This prevents problems such as short circuits. This measurement is important to repeat regularly because of corrosion and wear and tear.

The UT511 is an insulation resistance tester. The meter is built from a microprocessor and equipped with good measurement and data processing software. The meters are essential to determine whether equipment and cabling are sufficiently insulated to cope with certain voltages.

The meter can measure up to one kV and can do both AC and DC measurements.


Display count 10.000
Measurement range and best precision
Insulation resistance (Ω)VoltageRangeAccuracy
100 V0.1 - 500 MΩ±(3%+5)
250 V0.5 - 2000 MΩ±(3%+5)
500 V1 - 4000 MΩ±(3%+5)
1000 V2 MΩ - 10 GΩ±(3%+5)
DC voltage1000 V±(2%+3)
AC voltage750 V±(2%+3)
Low resistance0.1 - 999.9 Ω±(1%+3)
Auto Range
Other functionalities Backlight, Auto off, Timer, Data-hold (18 slots), Dielectric absorption test, Polarisation index, Analogue graph, Overload indication, High-voltage indication
Display dimensions 123 x 58 mm
Power source 8 x 1.5V battery (included)
Weight 2 Kg
Dimensions 202 x 155 x 94 mm

For more information, please take a look at the manual below.


The UT511 will be delivered including:

  • Simple test leads with crocodile clips
  • Batteries
  • Toolbox


UT511 Manual
pdf (10.01 MB)

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