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The Tekbox TBJT02 is a wideband injection transformer for making bode plots to measure the stability of power supplies and converters. The transformer injects a testsignal in the control loop to measure the effect on the system. It provides galvanic isolation between the signal source and the control loop. The injection transformer itself is internally terminated with a 5 Ω resistor and protected with a 100 mA fuse. This transformer has a usable frequency range of 1 Hz - 7 MHz. The transformer input is connected with a 50 Ω BNC female connector and the output is connected with 4 mm safety banana plugs.

Model overview

We offer two wideband injection transformers from Tekbox, which differ in the frequency range, insertion loss and capacitance.

ModelTBJT01 TBJT02
Usable frequency range 10 Hz - 45 MHz 1 Hz - 7 MHz
3 dB frequency range 15 Hz - 9 MHz typ. 2 Hz - 3 MHz typ.
Insertion loss (S21) 15.5 dB typ. 16 dB typ.
Capacitance (at 1 kHz) 90 pF 310 pF
Price 511.4 €429.75 Excl. VAT 511.4 €429.75 Excl. VAT


Termination resistor5 Ω
Fuse100 mA
DC saturation current12 mA
Max. voltage rating600 V CAT II
Connectivity50 Ω BNC female connector (input)
4 mm safety banana plugs
Dimensions70 x 60 x 140 mm
Weight300 g


TBJT02 Manual
pdf (166.93 KB)

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