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The Tekbox TBTC3 is an open TEM cell, developed for EMC pre-compliance testing of large DUTs. The TBTC0 is also used for radiated emissions tests and immunity tests. The open TEM cells offer an inexpensive alternative to testing these DUTs in comparison with the standard tests in anechoic chambers. The TEM cell can be connected to a spectrum analyser or an RF receiver. The TBTC3 comes with a 50/25W RF termination stop and a DC block to protect the connected device.
Thanks to the open design, the DUT can easily be placed in the TEM cell. It must be placed between the lower wall and the septum, the conductive strip in the middle section. A unique feature of the Tekbox TEM cells is that they can suppress higher orders of waves and resonances. In addition, these TEM cells have a better frequency response than the standard TEM cells.

Model overview

The models within the Tekbox open TEM cell series differ from each other mainly in measuring volume and frequency range.

Max. measuring volume 190 x 70 x 28 mm 190 x 130 x 50 mm 230 x 280 x 100 mm 360 x 480 x 150 mm
Frequency range 6 GHZ 3 GHz 1.15 GHz 700 MHz
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Cell impedance 50 Ω
Wave impedance 377 Ω
Max. RF input power 25 W
Input return loss S11 up to 700 MHz: < -16dB
Transmission loss up to 700 MHz: < 3dB
Connectors N-female
Dimensions 1038 x 501 x 305 mm
Septum height: 150 mm


The Tekbox TBTC3 is supplied including:

  • 50Ω/25W termination stop
  • DC block
  • N-type to N-type coax cable

Pros and cons

  • Surpresses higher order waves and resonances


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