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Industrial, powerful ultrasonic cleaner at an unbeatable price. The capacity of 4.5 liters and interior dimensions of 300x150x100 mm make this cleaner suitable for most circuit boards of smartphones and tablets and with a frequency of 40 kHz most of these objects can be cleaned properly. The ultrasonic power is 180W and the heating power is 300W which should be plenty enough to maintain the desired temperature inside if need be. The built in timer can be set from 0 to 30 min and the cleaner will stop once the timer expires. The cleaner and its parts are built from stainless steel and can therefore be used with acidic substances.

Both the temperature and the cleaning time can be set via the control panel.

The delivery is complete with wire basket and lid.


Frequency 40 kHz
Volume 4.5 L
Dimensions basin 300 x 150 x 100 mm
Actual ultrasonic power 150 Watt
Rated ultrasonic power 180 Watt
Heating power 300 Watt
Timer 0-30 min / continuous mode
Heating temperature 0-80℃
Dimensions 325 x 180 x 225 mm
Weight 5.3 kg


The TB-150A ultrasonic cleaner includes:

  • SUS lid
  • SUS basket
  • User manual
  • Power cord
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Pros and cons

  • Compact in size and weight yet still with a decent volume
  • Acid proof due to stainless steel build

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