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The Sensepeek (4015) PCBite oscilloscope kit with 2x SP100 probes, is a revolutionary way to test and measure PCBs hands-free. The magnetic Sensepeek SP100 - 100 MHz probes eliminate the need to search for an optimal place to place the probe. Not only does this kit save time in testing and repair, but with its minimalist design and spring-loaded test needle, it can measure signals on fine pitch components and other places that are difficult for conventional probes to reach. Unfortunately, these probes only have an attenuation ratio of 10:1.

If you would like to order additional Sensepeek 100 MHz probes or a Sensepeek PCBite insulation plate for this kit, you can do so by following the links. It is also possible to order 200 MHz probes instead of 100 MHz probes.


The specifications for the SP100 probes are shown in the table below.

Bandwidth100 MHz
Rise time3.2 ns
Input impedance 10 M&#8486
Input capacitance14 - 18 pF
Max. input voltagePlusmn60 V(DC) / 30 V(AC RMS)
Cable length80 cm
Probe tip diameter0.5 mm


The Sensepeek PCBite oscilloscope kit comes standard with:

  • 4 × PCBite holders
  • 1 x A4 base plate
  • 2 x SP100 - 100 MHz handsfree oscilloscope probes
  • 1 x Test clip with detachable cable for ground connection
  • 1 x Set of color coded cable clips (4 colors)
  • 1 x Set of yellow insulation rings
  • 1 x Microfiber cloth

Pros and cons

  • 100 MHz probes


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