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This Sensepeek kit (6003) uses the SQ10 probes. The included Base plate has a matte side and a polished side. The polished side can help with looking at the other side of the pcb, There is also a protective cover included. With the 4 PCbite and 4 SQ10 probes that has a magnetic foot so you can do hands-free measurments.

This product is a better version of Sensepeek SP10 kit


The specifications for the SQ10 probes are listed in the table below.

Bandwidth10 MHz
Rise time34 ns
Needle resistance 0,02 Ω
Overvoltage protection200 V(DC/Peak AC)
Max. input voltage±60 V(DC) / 30 V(AC RMS)
Max. DC current2 A
Probe tip diameter0,5 mm


This Sensepeek kit comes with:

  • 4 x PCBite holder
  • 1 x Large base plate (A4)
  • 4 x SQ10 probes
  • 4 x Extra test needles
  • 1 x Set of yellow insulation washers
  • 5 x Dupont to dupont test wires
  • 2 x Banana to dupont test wires

Pros and cons

  • Has 4 probes.
  • Easy hands-free measuring.