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1528.93 €1,528.93 Excl. VAT
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The Rohde & Schwarz FPC1000 is a 1 GHz spectrum analyser that has a good price quality ratio. This spectrum analyser has a large 10.1" LCD screen and is equipped with advanced measurement functions. The typical noise experienced by this analyser is -145 dBm/Hz. The Rohde & Schwarz FSC series of spectrum analysers also offer the option of adding a pre-amplifier with a gain of 20 dB, so that the noise is only -165 dBm/Hz. Furthermore, the FPC1000 can be connected to a PC via USB and LAN connections. Of course it is also possible to store measurement data using a USB stick.

There are 2 options to increase the frequency range, namely the 1 to 2 GHz option and the 2 to 3 GHz option. You can check this option at the top right of the product. Additional option for this spectrum analyser you can see below and these options can also be ticked at the top right of the product.


Display 10.1" LCD, 1366 x 768 pixels
Frequency 5 KHz - 1 GHz (up to 3 GHz option)
Resolution  1 Hz
Noise level Up to -150 dBm/Hz, with pre-amplifier (Option B22) to -165 dBm/Hz
Third-order intercept (IP3) +7 dBm
Maximum input voltage 50V DC
Amplitude display

Log: 1 dB - 100 dB, 10 divisions

Linear: 0 - 100 %, 10 divisions

Connections USB type A, USB type B, Lan (10/100BASE-T, RJ-45)
Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 396 x 185 x 156 mm


The Rohde & Schwarz FPC1000 spectrum analyser is supplied with:

  • Power cord
  • USB cable for PC connection


There are some optional software functions available for this spectrum analyser. Below is a brief overview. The options can be ticked at the product, or added at a later time.

FPC-B22 This option provides a preamplifier for the spectrum analyser.
FPC-K7 This option makes it possible to perform a modulation (AM, FM, ASK and FSK) analysis.
FPC-K43 This is the EMI precompliance option for this spectrum analyser.
FPC-K55 This option allows you to do advanced measurements such as spectrogram, channel power and occupied bandwidth measurements.
FPC-B200 This option allows you to control the spectrum analyser using a Wi-Fi connection.