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The Rigol DSA832E is a 3.2 GHz spectrum analyser. With this spectrum analyser you can do measurements in the commonly used 2.4 GHz band! This series of spectrum analysers offer great performance at an affordable price. The analysers are equipped with a widescreen display and a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use. These spectrum analysers are based on a fully digital intermediate frequency filtering which makes it easy to use, ensures high resolution, high measuring speed and low noise.
The spectrum analysers can be connected to a computer via USB, LAN or optional GPIB connector, and then via Ultra Sigma, or NI software can be easily communicated with the analyser. In addition, various information can be stored on a memory stick via the built-in USB port. Furthermore, the analysers have a headphone jack to perform AM/FM demodulation and hear the audio exhaustion. These spectrum analysers are well suited to perform EMI measurements, for example, before the device to be tested is sent to an inspection body. goes. By saving a single trip to an inspection body, this device already earns itself back. For a complete EMI test system you can optionally order the DSA800 EMI pre-compliance bundle. This bundle adds an EMI filter and Quasi-Peak detector to the scope and provides PC software for EMI testing. This set also includes a full EMI near field probe kit. This set can be found at the bottom of this page under the heading 'Options'.


The models in this series differ in frequency range, phase noise and DANL (Displayed Average Noise Level). In the upper right corner of the dropdown menu you can select the desired version and add it to your shopping basket.

Frequency range 9 kHz - 1.5 GHz 9 kHz - 3.2 GHz 9 kHz - 3.2 GHz 9 kHz - 7.5 GHz
Phase noise -80 dBc/Hz -90 dBc/Hz -98 dBc/Hz -98 dBc/Hz
DANL -155 dBm -158 dBm -161 dBm -161 dBm
Price (2 channels)

Tracking Generator Specifications (-TG models)

The models with a -TG after the name are delivered with a Tracking Generator.

Frequency range 9 kHz - 1.5 GHz 9 kHz - 3.2 GHz 9 kHz - 3.2 GHz 9 kHz - 7.5 GHz
Output level -20 - 0 dBm -40 - 0 dBm -40 - 0 dBm -40 - 0 dBm
Output level resolution 1 dB 1 dB 1 dB 1 dB


Display 8" LCD, 800*480 pixels
Resolution  1 Hz
Internal reference frequency 10 MHz
Third-order intercept (IP3) +10 dBm (-815)
+7 dBm (-832E)
+11 dBm (-832)
+15 dBm (-875)
Maximum input voltage 50V DC
Maximum input power 30 dBm
Amplitude display

Log: 1 dB - 200 dB

Linear: 0 - Reference level

Connections USB 2.0 type A, USB 2.0 type B, Lan
Frequency counter
Weight (without box) 4.25 - 4.55 Kg
Dimensions 361.6 x 178.8 x 128 mm (WxHxD)

For more information you can find the complete datasheet of the DSA800 series at the bottom of this page.


EMI pre-compliance bundel Bundle with EMI-filter, Quasi-peak detector, PC software and complete near field probe set.


Rigol DSA800 EMI bundle
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The DSA800 series come bundled with:
  • User manual
  • Power cord