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Value for money
Review by Edward
Posted on 12/03/2021
Overall it's a nice, compact unit. The specs are really good, especially for the price. Main selection knob feels great! Shame they didn't use one like that on the SDS1104X-E. However the UI is not very intuitive - it takes a bit of guessing and fiddling to find all of the features. For example, there are loads and loads of built-in waveforms (window functions, ECGs, trig, log, etc), but you have to press 5 buttons to even find them and it's not obvious at all.

One of the main reasons I picked a Siglent is because I have a Siglent 'scope. You can connect them together over USB/LAN and really easily do bode plots. Works very well! Wish I could directly transfer captured waveforms to the generator though...

Other criticisms is that you can't see the settings for both outputs at the same time (just waveform &on/off). A mode to show both at once would be super useful. Also the fan runs constantly and is quite a bit louder than the SDS 1104X-E.
Siglent SDG1032X function generator

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