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The Owon B35T+ is a high quality multimeter from the 35 series of Owon. The multimeter has Bluetooth, Datalogging and True RMS. The Owon 35 series multimeters have 3 key functionalities. The multimeters can be used as multimeter, data logger and thermometer. The B35T can be connected to an Android smartphone via Bluetooth and it is also equipped with the True-RMS function. The app supports multiple connections at the same time, enabling multiple measurements simultaneously with various multimeters.

The illuminated screen facilitates reading off the data. Data are displayed very accurately thanks to the 3 5/6 display. In addition, the analogue graph at the bottom of the screen shows the properties of the measured values. The multimeters are also equipped with a smart-off function which prolongs the battery life.

With the app mentioned above, the B35T can be connected to an Android device, for example a smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth. The app allows you to remotely read the data from the multimeter. In addition, the application offers extensive functionalities such as data tables and graphs. This makes it possible to display the measured values visually. The logged values can be shared with your smartphone via various applications such as mail. There is also a Text-To-Speech function that can say the measured values, so there is no need to constantly look at the screen. This voice also indicates any possible warnings, if an error is detected, so that dangerous situations can be prevented.

This video shows how fast the current measurement and data logging (with graph) works in combination with an application with a fading LED. In addition, Owon has a promo video in which various other possibilities of the meter are displayed.


The difference between the B35 and the D35 is the fact that only the B35 has a Bluetooth module. So you cannot connect the D35 with your smartphone. The T models are also equipped with True-RMS and the + model offers data logging without a Bluetooth connection.

Model D35 B35 D35T B35T B35T+
Data logging
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Range voltage DC: 0.01mV - 1000V
AC: 0.01mV - 750V
Range current DC: 0.1uA - 20A
AC: 0.1uA - 20A
Range resistance 0.1 Ω - 60 mΩ
Range capacitance 0.01 nF - 4000 uF
Frequency 0.001 Hz - 10 MHz
Temperature -50 ℃ - 400 ℃
Auto scaling
Input protection
Safety certification 250 V, CAT III
Power supply 2 x AA batteries
Display size 69 x 52 mm
Dimensions 85 x 185 x 30 mm
Weight 320 g


The Owon 35 series multimeters come with:

  • Test probes
  • Soft case
  • Multifunctional "test socket”
  • K-type thermocouple
  • Alligator clips
  • User manual (in English)

Pros and cons

  • Many measurement functions
  • Bluetooth and datalogging
  • True RMS
  • Housing less solid


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