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The M9812 by Maynuo is a programmable electronic load with a load power of up to 300 Watt. The load offers high precision with a resolution of 0.1 mV and 0.01 mA. The load is cooled actively by two internal fans to regulate the heat production. The load is programmable via computer.

The possibilities that the load offers are extensive. It can be used to test normal power supplies for longer durations and other situations than typical use. Apart from that it has a special LED mode to test LED drivers and it can test functionality of a battery pack.

The load can be used in Constant current, Constant voltage, constant resistance or constant power modes.


Input power 300 Watt
Input current (max) 30 Ampere
Input voltage (max) 150 Volt
Operation modi CC, CR, CV, CW, CC+CV, CR+CV
Current setting resolution 0-3 A: 0.1 mA
0-30 A: 1 mA
Voltage setting resolution 0.1-20 V: 1 mV
0-150 V: 10 mV
Short circuit current 0-3 A: 3.3 A
0 - 30 A: 33 A
Short circuit resistance 28 mOhm
Dimensions 214 x 108 x 365 mm
Weight 3.5 kg