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Loctite GC 10 (T4) solder paste is revolutionary, because it is the first professional solder paste which can be stored up to one year after production at regular room temperatures. So refrigerated storage and transport is not required anymore. This saves cost and reduces the effort to handle the paste.

Loctite GC 10 no refrigeration

No refrigeration

Removal of cold storage improves logistics efficiency and reduces shipping and warehousing costs. On the production line, no thaw period is required, allowing for immediate start-up.
Loctite GC 10 Improved stability

Improved stability

The key benefit to Loctite GC 10 is its stability. It is stable at the most extreme temperatures for extended lengths of time, yet still offers unmatched batch-to-batch consistency.
Loctite GC 10 improved printing

Improved printing

Leading the industry in paste-transfer efficiency, Loctite GC 10 also delivers up to 24-hour abandon times, up to 72-hour stencil life and more than 95% on-line paste utilization.
Loctite GC 10 no refrigeration

Improved reflow

Not only does Loctite GC 10 deliver the shiniest Pb-free solder joints in the industry, it also provides superior coalescence and wetting on long soak profiles, significantly reducing solder-related defects.