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The Korad KEL2010 electronic load belongs to the KEL2000 series. This model can draw up to 300W and is able to pull up to 40A ,150V and with 150KΩ input impedance. While you have short circuit protection and a power off memory function this series of electronic loads also give multiple options for testing. You can just measure the voltage, current and power with these electronic loads but you can also use one of the following functions: battery test, automatic test, OPP test or OCP test. Furthermore these electronic loads also have a bright LCD screen with a resolution of 0.1mV/0.1mA. With a waveform display function and disk storage you get a good price/quality ratio.


The models differ in maximum power draw.

ModelKEL2010 KEL2020 KEL2030 KEL2040
Power 300 W 500 W 1000 W 1550 W
Price 433.88 €433.88 Excl. VAT 574.38 €574.38 Excl. VAT 805.79 €805.79 Excl. VAT 1053.72 €1,053.72 Excl. VAT


Input Voltage range0-18 (low) 0-150 (high) V
Input Current range0-3 (low) 0-40 (high) A
Resolution0.1mV-0.1mA (low) 1mV-1mA (high)
Power300 W
Resistance0.05Ω-10Ω (low) 10Ω-7.5kΩ (high)
Slew rate0.0001 A/μs-0.3A/μs (low) 0.001 A/μs-1.5 A/μs (high)
Static modes CC, CR, CV, CW
Dynamic modesCC (0-10 kHz), CP (0-10 kHz), CV (0-10 kHz)
ProtectionOPP, OCP, OVP, OTP
Interfaces RS232, USB, LAN
Display 3.5" TFT
Dimensions215 x 150 x 400 mm
Weight3.5 kg


  • Power cord
  • USB cable
  • RS232 cable

Pros and cons

  • Multiple functions
  • Only 300W


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