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This popular Korad KA3005P programmable power supply has an outstanding price/quality ratio. The voltage and current can be set very accurately due to its adjustment precision of 10mV / 1mA. This power supply has an external switch to put the output on or off. This is useful for protection of the connected circuit. The device has 5 memoryslots for easy storage and recalling of output settings.

The Korad is programmable via the included software. A connection can be made either through USB or RS323.


Adjustment precision 10 mV / 1 mA
(20 Hz - 20 MHz)
< 2 mV rms
Weight 4,3 kg
Dimensions 110 x 260 x 156 mm

As a starting point for controlling the power supply through Linux or Windows by both USB and RS232 a customer of ours has shared this script with us. To be able to use this, both Python and the Pyserial module are rquired. This power supply can also be controlled with the help of SIGROK software.


This power supply comes included with the following accesories:

  • User manual
  • Power cord (1,2 m)
  • USB-cable (USB-A to USB-B)