Power analyzers can be used to measure the flow of energy in either AC or DC systems. A power analyser can also be used to measure the standby power consumption of devices. A lot of devices consume electricity when they appear to be turned off or while they are inactive, such as your TV or your microwave oven. This power consumption is known as standby power and can be a significant contributor to product energy use. The standby power of household electronic devices is typically very small, but the sum of all these devices within the household and over the span of a year can easily become significant.

Power analyser

Aim-TTi HA1600A harmonics, flicker & power analyser

De HA1600A is een betaalbare en eenvoudige oplossing om power quality te meten volgens EN61000-3-2 (harmonischen) en EN61000-3-3 / EN61000-4-15 (flicker). De Aim-TTi HA1600A is voorzien van een stopcontact en meet vermogen, spanning, stroom, THD, power factor, frequentie, inrush etc. van het aangesloten apparaat, tot 16A RMS. De 40 harmonischen worden getoond in tabellen of grafieken, spanningen en stromen zijn als golfvorm zichtbaar. Automatisering is mogelijk via de RS232 en USB interface.


Bas shows in this video what you can do with a power analyzer in the context of standby power consumption which was discussed in a previous video. Therefore, several new concepts will be explained to be able to understand what will be shown on the screen of the power analyser and a standby power measurement is conducted on a laptop charger without a laptop connected to it.