There are many multimeters available on our website and they all have different specifications. One of these specifications is the digits or counts. However, when you see this specification for the first time, it is not really clear what these numbers mean. That is why there will be explained in this video what digits and counts mean.


UNI-T UT133B multimeter

The UNI-T UT133B is a competitively priced and compact handheld multimeter. The multimeter is ideal for all basic applications and also offers real value for money. With the UT133B it is possible to measure both DC current and DC/AC voltage. Furthermore, resistance and capacity can be measured. The 6000 counts display has just enough information for all basic applications. In addition, the meter is equipped with an over-current/voltage alarm that gives an audio signal when the current and/or voltage becomes too high. It also has an automatic idle mode to save energy, which can be switched off manually. Finally, the UT133B can withstand a fall of 2 meters.

UNI-T UT139A multimeter

The UNI-T UT139A is a True-RMS multimeter for an affordable price. The small auto-ranging multimeter offers everything an electrical technician could need. The 2000- counts display is equipped with backlight.

The meter is provided with a rubber case that protects it against falling or other external influences. The multimeter offers measurement possibilities for DC/AC voltages and currents. The meter can also measure resistance.

Brymen BM857s multimeter

The Brymen BM857s is a True RMS digital multimeter and offers functionalities such as dBm, a high-resolution mode, Max-Min values, Crest and much more.

With the 500,000-count display of this multimeter you can measure DC voltages with a 0.03% accuracy. The meter has a Crest functionality that automatically displays the peak value. The display offers backlight and because of this, values can always be read easily. The display updates 5 times every second with a new measurement. In addition, the display has an analogue bar graph that updates 60 times per second and thus indicates clearly how the measured values are in ratio of time. The multimeter has 3 display possibilities. 999,999 counts can be shown on the display for frequency, for DCV 500,000 counts and for other measurements 50,000 counts. The 500,000-count mode has a lower update speed of 1.25 updates per second. The 50,000-count mode will on average update 5 times per second.

The BM857s also has UL safety certification and CAT-III insulation of 1,000 V. The building quality of this multimeter is very high; the fuses in the meter are of a very high quality and can be replaced easily if necessary.

The meter also offers some additional useful functionalities such as the detection that is built in to offer protection against the incorrect connection of the test leads and the meter also has a 50/60 HZ filter to filter out the static coming from the electricity network. In addition, the BM857s also has a Lo-Z mode which makes it possible to prevent ghost voltages at particular measurements.

Fluke 87V MAX True-RMS multimeter

The Fluke 87V MAX is a tougher version of the original, iconic Fluke 87V multimeter. It is very rugged, designed to withstand extremely harsh field conditions. It offers the same high measuring accuracy and quality as the non-MAX and it is equally covered by a lifetime warranty by Fluke.


Bas explains in this video the meaning and importance of digits and counts for digital multimeters (DMM). Furthermore, the method of how digits and counts are determined is explained with the use of various examples.