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With this complete cleaning system you can clean your soldering tips in two ways.
On the left side there is an anti-splash membrane with brass wool behind it. This cleaning method is very effective because it leaves a small layer of solder on the tip and thus prevents oxidation. The anti-splash membrane keeps the workplace free of solder particles.
On the right side there is a sponge in an ESD-safe container. The sponge is the least harmful cleaning method for your soldering tips. By keeping the sponge moist with distilled water you reduce the wear of the tip. The ESD-safe tray is a soft and temperature resistant holder that allows the user to remove excess soldering tin by gently tapping or wiping the tip on the edge. The JBC Metal brush for JBC manual tip cleaner is recommended for more intensive cleaning of your soldering tips.

For more information, please refer to the manual at the bottom of this page.


ESD safe Yes
Dimensions110x90x90 mm
Weight0.88 kg


This product is delivered including:
  • Sponge (S0354)
  • ESD Safe Tip Wiper (CL0240)
  • Brass wool
  • Antisplash membrane


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