9.96 €9.96 Excl. VAT
9.96 €9.96 Excl. VAT

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JBC C360 desoldering nozzles are designed for precise work.

Thanks to the small dimensions these tips can be used for SMD, working under a microscope or for use with regular components.

These tips are compatible with the JBC DS360-A micro desoldering iron, belonging to the JBC CS-2Fdesoldering station.

Through-hole desoldering

ModelDiameter holeDiameter nozzlePriceStock
C3600010.6 mm1.0 mm 9.96 €9.96 Excl. VAT
C3600020.8 mm1.2 mm 9.96 €9.96 Excl. VAT
C3600031.0 mm1.4 mm 9.96 €9.96 Excl. VAT
C3600041.2 mm1.6 mm 9.96 €9.96 Excl. VAT
C3600071.4 mm1.9 mm 9.96 €9.96 Excl. VAT
C3600061.5 mm3.0 mm 9.96 €9.96 Excl. VAT

Pad cleaning

ModelDiameter holeDiameter nozzlePriceStock
C3600110.6 mm1.0 mm 13.95 €13.95 Excl. VAT
C3600120.8 mm1.3 mm 13.95 €13.95 Excl. VAT
C3600131.0 mm1.4 mm 13.95 €13.95 Excl. VAT
C3600141.2 mm1.6 mm 13.95 €13.95 Excl. VAT


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