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This toolkit has everything you need for a professional repair business. The handy carrying case ensures that you can easily take the tool with you to any repair job.


  • Pro Tech toolkit
  • Marlin Screwdriver Set - 15 Precision Screwdrivers
  • Anti-Clamp
  • FixMat
  • Digital Multimeter (Battery not included)
  • Digital Caliper
  • iOpener
  • Portable Anti-Static Mat
  • 6x iFixit Opening Tool
  • 2x Carbon Fiber Spudger
  • 2x Halberd Spudger
  • 6x iFixit Opening Picks
  • iFixit Battery Blocker
  • Plastic Cards
  • Pointed ESD Safe Tweezers
  • Nylon Tipped Tweezers
  • Heavy-Duty Suction Cups (Pair)
  • Anti-Static Brush
  • Dust Blower
  • Precision Utility Knife
  • Polyimide Tape
  • Tesa 61395 tape 2mm width
  • iFixit Screen and Lens Cleaner
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloths
  • iFixit Skill Badge
  • iFixit Lapel Pin
  • Carabiner
  • Magnetizer / Demagnetizer
  • Self-Repair Manifesto
  • iFixit Messenger Bag

Watch out! The carabiner is strong enough to hang tools on, but cannot be used for heavy work such as rock climbing.

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