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The GW Instek MDO-2202AG is the 2-channel 200MHz oscilloscope in the renewed MDO-2000AG series from GW Instek, which is the successor of the MDO-2000EG.

Compared to the MDO-2000EG, some of the most important features of an oscilloscope have been improved. The MDO-2202AG comes with a sample rate of maximum 2GSa/s and a memory depth of 20Mpts per channel. The series has also been extended with a 300 MHz model. The MDO-2000AG are so-called "Mixed Domain" (MD) Oscilloscopes, giving them the full functionality of an oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer in one thanks to the very strong FFT analysis to the nyquist frequency. Besides that, the serie is expanded with a dual-channel function generator of 25 MHz.

Oscilloscopes in the MDO-2000AG series from GW Instek are equipped with an 8" colour screen. Thanks to the fast waveform capture rate of 120,000 waveforms per second, signals can be analyzed quickly.

The measured data can be stored through a computer with USB and LAN connection. It is also possible to log the data for a longer period of time. With a minimum interval of 5 seconds it is possible to store the measured waveforms for a maximum of 100 hours to a USB stick in CSV format. It is also possible to print the data directly on printers that support PictBridge.

The MDO oscilloscopes have extremely low background noise in the electronics. Background noise affects the accuracy of measurement results at small signals (small-signal). The lower the background noise, the more accurate the measurement.

The oscilloscopes offer the possibility of Dual-display, in a screen it is then possible to display the entire signal and a zoomed part of it. This makes taking a good picture of a signal and important parts of it very easy.


If you do not need a function generator in your oscilloscope we offer the GW Instek MDO-2202A.

Model overview

Bandwidth 100 MHz 200 MHz 300 MHz
Rise time 3.5 ns 1.75 ns 1.17 ns
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Memory 20 Mpts per channel
Sample rate 2 GSa/s (max)
Display 8" TFT, 800x480 pixels
Input impedance 1 MΩ // 16 pF
Horizontal scale 1 ns/div - 100s/div
Vertical resolution 1 mV/div - 10 V/div
A/D converter 8 bits resolution
Maximum voltage 300V RMS, CAT I
Waveform capture rate up to 120,000 wfm/s
Connections USB, LAN, Go-NoGo output
Weight (without box) 3.0 Kg
Dimensions 384 x 127.3 x 208 mm (LxWxH)


All oscilloscopes from the MDO-2000AG series are supplied including:

  • Quick start guide
  • Cd with manual
  • Power cord
  • Probes, 1 per channel
  • Certificate of calibration

Pros and cons

  • Spectrum analyser and function generator functionalities
  • High memory depth per channel
  • Good price/quality ratio
  • Only 2 channel models