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The GPT-9804 Hi-Pot testers from GW Instek are of a very high quality and available at an attractive price. These testers are an excellent choice thanks to their many functionalities and a maximum test voltage of 5 kV. The devices offer AC/DC withstanding, insulation resistance, ground bond, and arc detection test functionalities.

The testers are designed to be user-friendly, the high-resolution dot LCD display shows clearly which settings have been selected and whether the test object meets the set requirements. The devices meet the test requirements of for example IEC, EN, UL, CSA and CE.

The GPT-9800 can be connected to a computer via USB, RS-232C and optionally via GPIB for remote control and data logging.

When working with high voltages such as 5 kV, it is essential that safety problems do not occur. The testers are designed to minimize the risk. When the test is complete or a dangerous situation occurs, they will switch the voltage to 150 µ s from the output and the voltage over the DUT is discharged within 200 ms.

The testers make it possible to store 100 default settings. Sixteen of these can be executed automatically at the push of a button.


Hi-Pot (DC/AC withstanding)
Aim: Prevent the user of the product from receiving a shock by, for example, failure of electrical insulation.
Method: By measuring how much current is leaking between the high voltage part and the "safe" low voltage part during use of the product in high-voltage mode, dangerous situations can be measured when they occur.

Insulation test
Aim: Quality of the insulation tests
Method:Similar to the Hi-Pot test, measure how much current leaks from the high-voltage part to the low-voltage part of the circuit.

Ground Bond
Aim: Test whether conductive parts of a circuit and their ground are connected well.
Method: Check whether an electric path exists between conductive metals and the ground of the power supply. This will check the quality of the path.

Arc detection
Aim: Expose potential problems such as loose screws or poor insulation.
Method: Measure the duration of the peak current which is caused when a drastic change in the power supply voltage appears. This is usually done during a Hi-Pot measurement.


Output voltage range 0.100 kV ~ 5.000 kV
Output voltage resolution 2 V
Max. power 200 VA
Max. current 40 mA (0.5kV - 5kV)
10 mA (0.1kV - 0.5kV)
Output-voltage waveform Sine, 50/60 Hz (adjustable)
Display 240 x 64 dot matrix LED back light LCD
Connections USB 2.0, RS232-C, (optional GPIB)
Weight (without packaging) 19 kg
Dimensions 452 x 148 x 330 mm (LxWxH)

For more information, please refer to manufacturer's product sheet.  . You can find theuser guide here.


All GPT-9800 testers are delivered with:

  • Quick-start guide
  • USB cable
  • Power cord
  • User manual on CD (in English)
  • Interlock key
  • Remote terminal male connector
  • Test leads

A GPIB extension is available as an option.