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The GW Instek DAQ-9600 data acquisition system is a modularized data acquisition system with high flexibility; it is most commonly used when different inputs such as voltage and temperature have to be measured simultaneously. The modular structure of the DAQ-9600 provides 3 module slots and a built-in 6.5 digit precision digital DMM. The 3 module slots can be connected to 5 different optional modules, which are specified below. Users can combine and match these modules according to their measurement needs.

The DMM can be expanded to 60 two-wire channels, 120 single-ended channels or 96 matrix crosspoints. The DAQ-9600 does its own signal-conditioning, this reduces measurement noise and removes the need for external conditioning modules. The DAQ-9600 has a 4.3" color display, is capable of converting 14 input signals and measurement data can be represented in different formats, such as a bar graph or histogram. The DAQ-9600 supports data storage and is equipped with LAN, RS232C, USB and GPIB (optional). Through its LAN connection port data can be accessed as long as you are connected to the internet.

It is necessary to install at least 1 module in order to use the DAQ-9600, the mainframe has no functionality if there are no modules installed; see the options table below regarding the possible modules you can choose


Mode Range
DC measurements
Max. voltage 600 V
Max. current 2 A
Max. resistance 1 GΩ
AC measurements
Max. true RMS voltage 400 V
Max. true RMS current 2 A
Frequency 3 Hz - 1 MHz
Temperature (RTD) -200 ℃ - 600 ℃
Temperature (Thermocouples) -200 ℃ - 1820 ℃
Temperature (Thermistor) -80 ℃ - 150 ℃
Capacitance 1 nF - 100 µF
DMM6.5 digit, 14 different input channels
Display4.3" TFT-LCD colour
Interface USB-A, USB-B, RS-232C, LAN
Dimensions 357.8 x 266.9 x 107 mm LxWxH
Weight 4.5 kg


By means of the following options you can add additional features.

DAQ-900 The DAQ-900 is a multiplexer that provides two groups (A/B) of 10 2-wire channels each.

GW Instek DAQ-900

GW Instek DAQ-900 module
686 €686.00 Excl. VAT
DAQ-901 The DAQ-901 is a comprehensive multiplexer for general scanning. It has 10 2-wire channels and 2 additional channels for current measurements.

GW Instek DAQ-901

GW Instek DAQ-901 module
467 €467.00 Excl. VAT
DAQ-909 The DAQ-909 is a comprehensive multiplexer high voltage and high current. It has 4 2-wire channels and 2 additional channels for current measurements.

GW Instek DAQ-909

GW Instek DAQ-909 module
581 €581.00 Excl. VAT


The DAQ-9600 comes by default with:

  • Power cord
  • Screw driver

Pros and cons

  • Built-in DMM
  • Built-in signal conditioning