22.27 €22.27 Excl. VAT
22.27 €22.27 Excl. VAT

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This ESD-safe lab coat can be used by both men and women, is available in different sizes and is available in the colour white. This lab coat has long sleeves, the ESD snaps on the sleeves, there is an ESD logo on the left sleeve and it also has two pockets.


You can chose the size of the lab coat via the dropdown on top of this page.

Size S M L XL
Price 22.27 €22.27 Excl. VAT 22.27 €22.27 Excl. VAT 22.27 €22.27 Excl. VAT 22.27 €22.27 Excl. VAT


Colour White
Length ~ ¾ of the body
ESD logo
Composition 63% polyester, 33% cotton, 4% carbonized yarn
Typical point-to-point resistance 106 - 107 Ω

Other sizes

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