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EA's power supplies are microcontroller-controlled digital power supplies with good functionality. This power supply offers flexible "auto-ranging". This allows it to offer either a high current, or a high voltage within the power provided, a picture of this can be seen in the pictures. The power supply indicates when it operates in CC (constant current), or CV (constant voltage) mode. In addition, on the LCD screen there is room for 4 digits to accurately indicate the current current and voltage. By pressing the dial you can switch between fine or precise setting of the values. The settings are accurate to less than 0.2% deviation. In addition, 9 settings can be saved and revoked. The power supply is actively cooled.

The power supply provides overvoltage protection and also overcurrent protection. In this way, the current at which the power supply should be switched off can be set. The current is adjustable from 0 - 110 %. These values are also saved with the recall function.

The power supplies can be managed and controlled by a computer via a USB connection on the back of the device.


Power160 Watt
Output voltage0 - 40 Volt
Output current 0 - 10 A
Input voltage 90 - 260 V / 45 - 65 Hz
Ripple < 80 mVpp, < 10 mVrms
Adjustment deviation < 0.2 %
Weight 3 Kg

For more information, the product catalogue can be found here. An identical model. with a higher voltage (0-80 V) and power (320 W) is also available.


This power supply includes:

  • Power cord
  • User Manual

Do not forget to order the correct cables with the power supply.

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