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The DG900 series from Rigol is the bigger brother of the DG800 series and is a series of very extensive and affordable function generators. The DG952 is the model with a bandwidth of 50 MHz. All models in the DG900 series have a vertical resolution of 16 bits which you normally only find in function generators in a higher price range. The big difference with the DG800 series is a larger waveform length and a significantly larger sample rate.
This series of function generators have a large number of different output signals and it is possible to combine standard waveforms with specific waveforms. A new "SiFI II" technology is used to generate the waveforms. This technology generates the random waveforms point-wise and ensures that the signal can be restored without distortion. Furthermore, this series has 160 built-in 'arbitrary waveforms' with which many signals from technical applications can be simulated.
The screen of these generators is a 4.3" TFT colour touch screen with which you can easily set all the settings for the desired function (example shown on the third picture). Furthermore, these generators also have a USB port that serves as a Host&Device interface.

Are you looking for a model which is rack mountable? Have a look at the Rigol DG2052.

Model overview

The difference between the models is in the bandwidth

Bandwidth50 MHz70 MHz100 MHz
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Output signalsSinus, Block, Ramp, Pulse, Harmonic, DC, Noise, PRBS, Dual-tone, RS232
Vertical resolution16 bits
Sample Rate250 MSa/s
Frequency Resolution1 μHz
Waveform length16 Mpts
Amplitude range<10 MHz: 1 mVpp - 10 Vpp
<30 MHz: 1 mVpp - 5 Vpp
<60 MHz: 1 mVpp - 2.5 Vpp
>60 MHz: 1 mVpp
ModulationAM, FM, PM, ASK, FSK, PSK, PWM
Output Precision± (1% + 5 mV)
Frequency counter bandwidth240 MHz (7 digits/s)
Output Impedance50 Ω
Display4.3" TFT LCD touch screen (480 x 272)
InterfacesUSB Host, USB Device, USB-GPIB
Weight1.75 Kg
Dimensions237.4x97x268 mm


USB-LAN adapter With this option you can convert the usb 2.0 output signal to a 100 Mbps Ethernet signal.


Rigol DG800/DG900 usb-lan adapter
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The DG900 series comes standard with:
  • Power cord
  • BNC cable
  • USB cable
  • Manual