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The Atten ST-8802 is a good extension for any workspace. The station can be used for both soldering and repair applications. The station features three temperature preset keys and has a password protection/key lock function. The brushless vortex fan ensures a more gentle and evenly spaced air output. Furthermore, the soldering iron and hot-air gun can be used at the same time.
The station has a large LCD screen and big buttons with which the soldering- and hot-air settings can be separately adjusted. All information about both the soldering and hot-air parts is shown on the screen at the same time. With a touch sensor the auto sleep function will take effect immediately when the hot-air gun is placed back in to the stand. Furthermore, the station has a cooling function that cools down the gun extending the work life of the heating core and handle. This cold air function can also be used on it's own.


Soldering specifications
Power 65 W
Temperature range 80 - 480 ℃
Temperature accuracy ± 5 ℃
Temperature stability ± 2 ℃
Hot-air specifications
Power 800 W
Temperature range 100 - 500 ℃
Temperature accuracy ± 35 ℃
Temperature stability ± 5 ℃
Air flow 120 L/min
Dimensions 295 x 248 x 188 mm
Weight 2.75 kg
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The ST-8802 comes by default with:

  • Iron stand
  • Power cable
  • 4x hot-air nozzles (∅ 2.5/5.5/7.4/9.4 mm)
  • 2mm round soldering tip
  • Gun holder


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