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This stereo microscope with a freely movable arm provides great working flexibility. The tripod consists of a durable arm that is mounted on the edge of a table or desk and offers the possibility to easily mount the objective above the object to be inspected. A stereo microscope has two lenses so you can see depth in the image. In combination with the high resolution and the true colour scheme, this microscope is very suitable for inspecting and soldering small components.

This microscope comes standard with an eyepiece that can magnify 10x. The objective has a magnification combination of 2X/4X and, together with the supplied eyepieces, provides a standard magnification of 20X/40X. The eyepieces are placed at an angle of 45° and the distance can be adjusted to the pupil distance of the observer. The left eyepiece also offers the possibility to adjust the dioptre setting with a range of ±5mm.


Angle of eyepieces 45°
Eyepiece magnification 10 x 20 mm
Objective magnification 2x/4x
Standard magnification 20x/40x
Working distance 100mm
Pupil space 54-76 mm
Dioptre compensation range ±5mm
Range 20X Magnification 10mm
Range 40X Magnification 5mm


Dimmable LED ring Extremely clear LED ring with 60 LEDs

Dimbare ledring microscoop

Dimmable LED ring for microscopes 60 leds
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The following article in the knowledge centre explains the principles of the microscope for electronics inspection: De microscoop: een introductie