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The Aoyue 968 is an all-in-one station. This station is a combination of a hot air station and a soldering station with a diaphragm pump for fume extraction.

The soldering iron temperatures and the hot air are controlled with a microprocessor. The Aoyue 968 features displays to show the values of the airflow, current and desired temperature of both the soldering iron and the hot air. With the fume extraction you will no longer be bothered by the unhealthy soldering fumes. The fumes are extracted directly at the tip level and are filtered in the device.


Hot air station
Power500 W
Temperature range100 - 480 ºC
Air flowMax. 23 l/min
Soldering station
Power35 W
Temperature range200 - 480 ºC
Heating elementCeramic
Fume extraction
Pump typeDiaphragm pump
Vacuum pressure600 mm Hg
ESD - Safe
Tip to ground resistance < 2 Ω
Weight 5.25 kg
Dimensions 188 x 126 x 250 mm


The Aoyue 968 is supplied with:

  • 3 round nozzles: 3 mm, 5 mm and 9 mm
  • BGA nozzle: 12 x 12 mm
  • Thin soldering tip (suited for SMD)
  • Iron stand including sponge
  • 1 spare fume extractor
  • IC-popper tool
  • English user manual