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SMD soldering station with digital temperature control and display. This soldering station has a power of 435 Watt and has a thin tip making this station suitable for SMD soldering.

The temperature can be set easily and accurately with the knob. The display will indicate the newly set temperature for a few seconds and afterwards the current temperature of the soldering iron.

The soldering station comes with an iron stand in which the soldering iron can be placed easily and safely. This iron stand is equipped with a renewed stand for soldering tin and a sponge making it easy to store all components in the same place.


In comparison to the Aoyue 936, the 937 offers a great advantage. The digital display makes it easier to set a precise temperature.

Specifications of the soldering station:

Power 35 Watt
Temperature 200 - 480 °C
Heating element Ceramic
ESD safe.
Short heating time
Tip to ground resistance < 2 Ohm
Tip to ground potential < 2 mV
Dimensions 115 x 90 x 155 mm (W x H x D)
Weight 1.5 kg

You can download the user manual of the 937 soldering station here.


The Aoyue 937 soldering station comes with:

  • Renewed iron stand with soldering tin stand and sponge.
  • Soldering iron with thin tip, SMD suited
  • Spare heating element
  • User manual in English


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