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The Aoyue 866 is an all-in-one system that combines the functionality of a hot-air soldering station, a pre-heater and a soldering iron. With its anti-static design, the 866 prevents unsafe situations. The 866 offers a standby timer that can be set from 1 - 30 minutes. It automatically switches all heating elements to sleep mode to prolong the lifespan and save energy.

Soldering station

The soldering iron offers a power of 60 Watt, so the tip is quickly up to temperature. With the push buttons on the device it is easy to set the desired temperature between 100 and 480°C on the digital display. For the soldering iron various tips are available. A spare soldering iron can be found here.


The pre-heater of the Aoyue 866 is a Quartz-IR with an output of 400 watts. It heats up quickly and is infinitely adjustable in temperature between 100 and 480°C with the corresponding push buttons. The heating is uniform over the surface, which provides a reliable result. The heating surface is 120 x 120mm.

Hot-air soldering station

As a third functionality the 866 has a hot-air soldering station with an output of 400 Watts. This can also be easily set between 100 and 480°C, and also has a rotary knob to set the flow rate of the air. The nozzle can be swapped for others so that each component gets the right dosage of air.

When the hot air part is switched off, it will cool itself quickly by means of a cooling down procedure. With this procedure cold air is blown past the heating element to cool it down. This extends the lifetime of the unit.

Above the pre-heater is a PCB holder in which PCBs can be easily fixed. Also non-square plates can easily be attached for soldering.

For additional nozzles you can look at the Tips & nozzles page. On this page are nozzles for e.g. SOP, PLCC and QFP in all kinds of sizes.


Soldering iron60 Watts
Pre-heater400 Watts
Hot air400 Watts
Temperature range 100 °C - 480 °C
Compressor Sirocco fan
Dimensions 192 mm × 325 mm × 100 mm
Heat surface 120 x 120 mm
Weight 6.58 kg


The Aoyue 866 comes with:

  • Soldering iron with 10 tips
  • Hot-air handle with 4 nozzles
  • Solder holder with sponge and smear tray
  • Vacuum pick up pen
  • IC popper
  • Aoyue toolbox