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This very powerful but relatively compact lab power supply is suitable for many applications thanks to its 3 voltage ranges. Voltages up to 60V or currents up to 60A can be supplied. The voltage and current can be set with coarse and fine adjustment potentiometers, and can be read easily on the LED displays.

Caution: this is a lab power supply, designed to supply energy only in lab set-ups. So, this lab power supply cannot absorb any energy and is therefore not suited (without taking precautions) for controlling motors or inductive loads. In these cases, a strong diode can be put in series to protect the power supply, or a brake chopper (sometimes part of a motor controller) or an electronic load can be connected in parallel. Also when charging batteries, we recommend that you put a diode in series (or better still use a battery charger designed for this purpose). The lab power supply is also not suitable for 24/7 use.


Output choice 0-15V/0-60A, 0-30V/0-30A, 0-60V/0-15A adjustable
Voltage ripple < 1%
Screw terminal On the front and rear, maximum power output only available from the rear
Cooling Built-in active cooler
Housing 19" 3HE
Dimension 142 x 482 x 335 mm
Weight 8.5 kg