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The Uberlogger from Tecnion Technologies is a datalogger that lets you record up to 8 analog and 6 digital inputs at the same time. The analog channels can also be set up for NTC measurements. With a log frequency of up to 250Hz and resolutions of 12 or 16 bits accurate measurements can be made. While the Uberlogger can log all the files on an SD card in CSV format of up to 32GB, it is also able to log and be controlled over Wi-Fi. The uberlogger can also be remotely controlled by the REST API. With the 32GB SD card and low power usage settings you can log data for days, logging slow-varying signals.

Controlling the uberlogger is easily done by the two buttons, one to start/ stop logging and one to reset. there are also two LEDs, a green one to indicate the log status and a red one to indicate an error. There are also 2 sets of dip switches to configure the analog inputs and to configure the range of the inputs.

For more information, see the updated datasheet here


USB supply voltage 5 V
USB supply current Max 300 mA
Interface Wi-Fi, SD card
Log frequency 250 Hz
Analog inputs 8
Analog input voltage -10 V / +10 V
-60 V / +60 V
ADC Resolution up to 16 Bit
NTC type 10 KΩ
Digital inputs 6
Digital input voltage -60 V / +60 V
Dimensions 145 x 77 x 23 mm LxWxH


The Uberlogger comes by default with:

  • 8x NTC sensor
  • USB-C cable
  • SD card

Pros and cons

  • Simultaneous logging of analog and digital
  • Up to 16 bit ADC resolution
  • Max 60V on the inputs


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