UNI-T multimeters

The UNI-T meters have a very good price/quality ratio. To go back to the multimeter overview page click here.

  1. UNI-T UT139C multimeter

    33.02 €33.02 Excl. VAT
    6,000-Count multimeter, extensive functionalities Learn More

  2. UNI-T UT191T multimeter

    57.85 €57.85 Excl. VAT

    UNI-T UT191T professional multimeter true RMS 20A

    Learn More

  3. UNI-T UT125C multimeter

    15.66 €15.66 Excl. VAT

    UNI-T UT125C pocketsize multimeter 4000 counts display low-current segment.

    Learn More

  4. UNI-T UT133A multimeter

    18.14 €18.14 Excl. VAT

    UNI-T UT133A multimeters 6.000 count display fast&accurate capacitance measurement.

    Learn More

  5. UNI-T UT139A multimeter

    27.23 €27.23 Excl. VAT
    The UNI-T UT139A is a True-RMS multimeter for an affordable price. The small auto-ranging multimeter offers everything an electrical technician could need. Learn More

  6. UNI-T UT171B multimeter

    191.69 €191.69 Excl. VAT
    60.000 count multimeter with high accuracy Learn More

  7. UNI-T UT801 multimeter

    82.64 €82.64 Excl. VAT
    2000 count multimeter with various applications Learn More

  8. UNI-T UT533 Multimeter and Insulation Resistance Meter

    148.76 €148.76 Excl. VAT
    Uni-T UT533 multimeter and insulation resistance up to 2 GΩ Learn More

  9. UNI-T UT531 insulation resistance tester


    Regular Price: €95.87

    Now: €90.91 Excl. VAT

    Uni-T UT531 multimeter and insulation resistance up to 600 MΩ Learn More

  10. UNI-T UT71D Multimeter

    140.45 €140.45 Excl. VAT
    40.000 count multimeter with large memory up to 10.000 measurements Learn More