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  1. Atten AT858D hot air soldering station

    74.34 €74.34 Excl. VAT
    Hot-air soldering station Atten, 700 Watt power, 3 nozzles Learn More

  2. Atten ST-8800D hot air soldering station

    82.6 €82.60 Excl. VAT
    Atten ST-8800, 800W, 100℃ - 500℃ Learn More

  3. JBC TESE-2QB precision hot-air soldering station

    1800 €1,800.00 Excl. VAT
    Hot-air soldering station for precision work, 300 W Learn More

  4. Hakko FR-811 hot air rework station

    1612 €1,612.00 Excl. VAT
    This product page will soon be populated with more information. Learn More

  5. Aoyue 852 hot air soldering station

    79.71 €79.71 Excl. VAT
    High standard hot air soldering station, at a very attractive price! Learn More

  6. Aoyue 852A++ hot-air soldering station

    123.97 €123.97 Excl. VAT
    Hot-air soldering station, 500W, ESD, 100°C - 480°C, 23 l/min, Learn More

  7. Quick 861DE ESD hot air soldering station

    371.9 €371.90 Excl. VAT
    1200 Watt, 200 l/min, SMD Learn More

  8. JBC JNASE-2A hot-air soldering station

    1775 €1,775.00 Excl. VAT
    Hot-air, High precision, 70W, SMD, for working under a microscope Learn More