For a few tens of euros you already have a digital multimeter, but there are also multimeters that cost many hundreds of euros. Which digital multimeter fits your purpose? This article lists popular choices from different price segments, starting with a model for the hobbyist to a model for the professional.

There are several properties to pay attention to when using a multimeter, starting with the measurement possibilities. In addition, accuracy and measuring range are highly relevant. Measurement ranges are often simply specified with Digits or counts . For AC measurements it is also interesting to know if the meter has True-RMS measurement capability.

Budget digital multimeter

The cheapest multimeter in our range. The accuracy with the 2000 count display is sufficient for hobby and job purposes. The measuring range can be adjusted manually. This multimeter is also solid and safe. Excellent for the hobbyist who occasionally wants to do some measurements. These multimeters can measure DC and AC voltages and currents, but do not have a True-RMS. In addition, the D model can measure continuity and capacity.


UNI-T UT125C multimeter
15.66 €15.66 Excl. VAT

Base model: Owon D35

These all-round meters are available in several compositions including data logging, Bluetooth and True-RMS. They scale automatically and are protected against high voltages and currents. Via Bluetooth, the meters can be linked to a telephone to log data and display graphs. With all these functions, the meters are extremely well equipped for a good price.

Owon D35

Owon D35 multimeter
41.28 €41.28 Excl. VAT

Precise allrounder: Brymen BM235

This meter from Brymen is very accurate and has a very solid construction quality. This meter is so good that EEVBlog has rebranded it and offers it through their site. With special features such as field detection and various safety classifications, this meter is very useful in many circumstances.

Brymen BM235

Brymen BM235 multimeter
71.07 €71.07 Excl. VAT

Best price/performance: Brymen BM869s

The BM869s is currently the best choice we have in our range. Extreme precision, various possibilities and a very good build quality. The meter can measure up to 500,000 counts and has up to only 0.02% deviation for DC voltage measurements. With this display, the meter can still measure up to 1000 V with an accuracy of 10 mV.

Brymen BM869s

Brymen BM869s multimeter
172.73 €172.73 Excl. VAT

Thé standard: Fluke 87V multimeter

The Fluke 87V is the industry standard among multimeters. The 87V is guaranteed to last a lifetime; this multimeter comes with a lifetime warranty. This multimeter is designed for professional use. The Fluke87V is a comprehensive and accurate multimeter. Especially in a business environment when testing or qualifying prototypes, accurate measurement is of great importance. Just like the quality, the accuracy of this multimeter is good.

Fluke 87V

Fluke 87V True-RMS multimeter
574.38 €574.38 Excl. VAT

Options and other properties

Various multimeters offer the possibility to be connected to a computer via USB. You can often order a separate cable for this, such as the BM896s and other Brymen meters. Keysight and UNI-T also offer this for some meters. The connection with these cables is often via infrared, to ensure good insulation. If the meter is connected incorrectly, it is not the intention to destroy the connected computer immediately.

Many meters can measure temperature, often no thermocouple is included. These are sold separately if necessary. Furthermore, many meters can use current clamps and test leads other than those they are supplied with, so categories like multimeter accessories and cables and clamps are definitely worth looking through for useful tools.