Solder flux is essential before and during the soldering process of PCB assembly. The purpose of flux is to prepare metal surfaces for soldering, and then protect those surfaces during soldering as well. When metal is exposed to air, oxides can form on unprotected surfaces. With electronics, these oxides do not conduct current and can impede the formation of good solder joints during circuit board assembly. To help with the soldering process, flux is used to chemically clean the metal surfaces by removing the oxides as well as any other impurities. The flux also helps promote the wetting of the solder, which refers to how well-molten solder is able to bond with a PCB or component.


Termopasty NoClean RF800 SMD flux 50 ml

RF800 SMD flux 50 ml bottle is supplied with a brush to apply the flux. RF800 contains medium activity rosin flux, which is able to fully wet the surfaces of copper and the tin-lead and the product does not require washing.


Bas talks in this video about flux and why flux is essential for soldering properly.