Regular cleaning and maintaining the soldering tips of your soldering iron is essential to extend the lifetime of your soldering tip. If you do not take proper care of your soldering tip, it will oxidize and it will drastically reduce its ability to transfer heat. Oxides do not only affect the heat transfer, but it also prevents the solder from wetting or sticking to the soldering tip. Therefore, it is important to regularly clean and maintain your soldering tip


JBC BT-2BWA soldering station

This 140W soldering station can be set analogously from 90 to 450 °C using the display and due to its high-power, it only takes 2 seconds to reach the desired temperature.

The built-in swipe and standby functions enable a prolonged life span of the soldering tip. The soldering iron will warm up very fast when you pick it up. Because of this, the soldering tip lasts up to 5 times longer.

The soldering station comes with an ergonomic handpiece, suited for the soldering of both SMD components and high-power applications. There are no tips included.

The soldering stations of JBC distinguish themselves from other stations due to the use of active tips. This results in a much faster heating time and also in a much bigger temperate stability during soldering, as can be seen in image 3. Because the heating element and temperature sensor are both entirely situated in the tip, the temperature can be controlled better and the difference in temperature between the tip and the rest of the soldering iron is very small. In addition, it is possible to replace the tips without the need to let them cool off first because tip exchange assistance is provided in the station.

JBC CLMU-A senior tip cleaner with metal brushes

This soldering tip cleaner provides a clean soldering tip in less than a second. Compared to other conventional processes this cleaner saves 2 seconds, which, at four cleanings per minute, can easily add up to one hour spared time in one day! The cleaner features an adjustable sensor allowing the cleaner to start rotating the brushes when the soldering tip is close and stop rotating once it is further away again. Via a button it is also possible to spin the brushes continuously via continuous mode. Furthermore, the cleaner has an ESD safe connector and a USB-B connector which can be used to connect your cleaner to your pc for updates and/or managing settings.

With this cleaner it is possible to choose between metal and non-metal brushes. This model includes the CLU8 metal brushes for the model with non-metal brushes you can order the JBC CLMU-PB senior tip cleaner with non-metal brushes.

Chipquik SMDTCLF soldering iron tip tinner/cleaner

Chipquik SMDTCLF is a soldering tip cleaner on a lead-free basis. This cleaner is RoHS 3 and REACH compliant. Follow the instructions as follows. Heat up the soldering iron to normal working temperature. Normally, a soldering iron tip temperature of 370°C - 425°C is enough. Wait until the tip has reached the desired temperature. Press the soldering iron tip firmly into the cleaning paste. Wait a few seconds until the paste melts around the soldering tip. While melting, the paste will clean the tip and then coat it with a protective layer of lead-free alloy. Use your soldering iron as normal to solder joints and connections. Repeat cleaning as often as necessary to keep the tip clean and shiny. This will lengthen the lifetime of your soldering iron tip.


Bas talks in this video about the importance of regularly cleaning and maintaining soldering tips to prevent oxidation. Therefore, a step-by-step procedure is mentioned to keep your soldering tips in a good condition while and after soldering. Furthermore, the use of a tip tinner to clean oxidized soldering tips is shown. Finally, the advantages of using brass wool compared to a damp sponge are discussed and a CLMU soldering tip cleaner is introduced.