JBC B-iRON 210 wireless soldering station

With the JBC B-iRON 210 Precision soldering station, the soldering iron is not tied to the station anymore with a cable. Instead, the iron is powered by a small embedded battery. Even a very thin and flexible cable on your soldering iron can feel annoying, so JBC has developed a precision soldering iron without a cable. Additionally, the weight of the iron has been kept low to increase soldering comfort even further. Thus, you get the accuracy and control of a station, without the cable!

Instead of a regular display, the soldering station features a 7" tablet which connects directly over Bluetooth to the iron. However, any device with Bluetooth functionality can be used to control the iron. Using the included stand, the soldering tips can be exchanged while these are still hot. The stand also features a brass wool tip cleaner with a splat guard.

Finally, you can choose from a wide range of soldering tip options; the JBC B-iRON 210 is compatible with the C210 soldering tip range, which is suitable for precision applications.


In this video, Bas tells you everything you need to know about the new wireless JBC B-iRON soldering station. The soldering iron, the stand, and a tablet have been completely discussed on their features and how it feels during soldering. Furthermore, two small tests were done to check the battery life of the iron. Lastly, we give our opinion about this soldering station.