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JBC's RMSE is an all-in-one station for soldering and rework applications. This set contains a vacuum pump, hot air station, soldering station and corresponding handles.

Soldering station

The control station, named DDE, offers connections for two soldering tools that can be used simultaneously. 150 watt is available for both tools. With the large colour display, temperatures and settings can be managed easily. In addition, the DDE also offers an extensive menu to easily change various user settings. It is even possible to connect settings to specific tools so that the station automatically sets the desired properties when connected to a soldering iron.

The soldering iron that is supplied with the station is a T245-A iron. This slim iron offers a comfortable grip and weighs only 66 gram making it very easy to use. Two irons are supplied with the station, but JBC has tips for every possible application. The tips of these irons are active resulting in a better heat transmission.


The station creates real time graphs that display temperature and power. These graphs can be stored easily on a USB stick at the front of the station. At the back of the station there is a second USB port to connect the station to a computer.

Hot air station

The hot air station, included in the RMSE set, is a JT-Q type. This station also contains a USB connector to install software updates. This station also has more than 20 adjustable variables that can be changed via the menu. The station has a nominal power of 700 watt and can be set between 150 and 450 °C. In addition, a pick-and-place tool is also supplied. This is a little vacuum pen that enables components to be picked up easily.


For desoldering purposes, the RMSE offers a MSE-A vacuum pump. This pump delivers a suction of 9 SLPM. It is connected together with the DDE station to a DR560-A desoldering iron. Various tips are available for this iron, starting at a diameter of 0.6 mm, which is perfect for the desoldering of SMD components.


This soldering station also offers corresponding handles and stands for all these applications. These stands have various practical functionalities: they switch off the iron automatically if placed in the stand, prolonging the life span of the tip considerably. In addition, they have handles to change hot tips. Because of this, it is no longer necessary to wait until the tip has cooled before it can be switched.


PowerTemperature range
DDE (soldering/desoldering)2 x 150 watt90 - 450 °C
JT-Q (hot air)700 watt150 - 450 °C
MSE-A (vacuum pump)9 SLPM (75% vacuum)X
Heating time ~ 2 sec
ESD safe
Automatic standby
Tip to ground resistance < 2 Ω
Connectivity USB Device/Host, RJ12
Weight 14.5 kg

For more information, please read the user manual.


The RMSE is fully equipped with:

  • 2 soldering tips
  • 4 desoldering tips
  • Full set of JBC nozzles
  • Pick-and-place tool
  • Kit to clean the tips (with sponge and brass wool)
  • Various spare parts