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Product number: ELE001198


The JBC DDE-2C is a control unit without peripherals. This allows you to decide for yourself what you need for (de)soldering.

This soldering station has two connections for two soldering tools that can be operated and used simultaneously. For both soldering tools, a power of 150 watts is available. Almost all JBC soldering and desoldering irons can be connected to this station via an accompanying stand. With a relatively large color display, it is easy to manage different temperatures and settings. Furthermore, the DDE-2C contains an extensive menu in which various user settings can be adjusted easily. It is even possible to link settings to specific tools. The soldering station automatically sets the desired settings when connecting a specific tool.

JBC Modular line

The JBC modular line allows you to extend your control unit with the desired modules. More information about the modular line can be found at this page.


Power2 x 150 Watt
Temperature range90 - 450 ºC
Automatic standby
Heating time~ 2 sec
ESD safe
ConnectivityUSB Device/Host, RJ12
Dimensions148 x 120 x 232 (mm)
Weight4.3 kg

For more information, see the manual of this soldering station.


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Review by ArseneK 
Posted on 25/03/2021
Works as advertised.

Along with JBC irons, the station is very easy to use, nicely made and powerful.

Leaded alloys can be worked at low temperatures and allow to reduce component stress (get yourself some Sn62Pb36Ag2 or Sn63Pb37)
Combined with a large collection of tips, this is the ultimate tool.

Ordered on eleshop and received few days later in pristine conditions.