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This model is no longer being sold! Alternatives can be found on the power supplies page.

The ITECH IT8615 is a high power AC/DC electronic load. With its 3U height it is relatively compact and through a multitude of connections it can be programmed easily.

AC and DC

These loads offer both AC and DC capabilities, however the main focus is on AC load. The AC load can be used for frequencies ranging from 45 to 450 Hz and can dissapate up to 1800 Watt of power. The device has measurement capabilities for typical parameters like for example Vpk and Vrms but it can also measure harmonics up to the 50th voltage harmonic. It is also possible to display an oscilloscopic representation of the input signal. This allows for close monitoring of the signal, directly on the device. The display is large enough to display a multitude of measurements simultaneously, and can display histograms of these parameters.


These loads are equipped with LAN, GPIB and USB connections to allow for easy communication. Apart from that a network of multiple of the loads can be set up to, for example test a three-phase application.


Power 1800 Watt
Voltage 50 ~ 420 Vrms, 600 Vpeak
Current 0 ~ 20 Arms, 60 Apeak
Ranges and accuracies
CC0.1 ~ 20 Arms±(0.1%+0.2%)2 mA
CR3 Ω ~ 2.5 kΩ±(0.2%+0.01 S)16 bit
CP0 ~ 1800 W±(0.5%+0.5%)0.4 W
Meter (V)0 ~ 600 V±(0.1%+0.1%)10 mV
Meter (A)0 ~ 60 A±(0.1%+0.1%)1 mA
Working modes CC, CV, CP, CR
Other metering modes S, Q, P, Ip+, Ip-, Freq, THDv, CF, PF, R, FFT
Connectivity LAN, USB, GPIB
Dimensions 482.5(W) x 133(H) x 600.6(D) mm
Weight 25 kg

For more information the datasheet can be consulted.


All loads in this series come bundled with:

  • Power cord
  • CD containing user manual and programming manual
  • USB cable