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The Elektro Lijn HT1735 is a line splitter which is a handy accessory to use together with a current clamp such as the Brymen BM079. With this HT1735 phase, zero and ground are splitted without stripping and splitting the system power cord. Moreover, by connecting the line splitter between the system power cord and the power outlet, voltage and current measurement can easily be conducted with the current clamp.

Furthermore, the HT1735 has connections for voltage measurements (L-N, L-PE and N-PE) and measurement windows for current measurements. The device has a measurement window for a A x 1 AC current measurement, a window for A x 10 measurements (useful for small current values) and a window for measuring leakage currents (mA). Finally, this line splitter has a CAT II 240 V rating and a maximum current capacity of 16 A.

Pros and cons

  • Very useful together with a current clamp
  • No need to strip and split the system power cord