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The Hakko FX-972 is a digital soldering station and the new version of the FX-951. This is a professional high power soldering station with a power of 200 watt. Two handpieces can be connected to the FX-972 simulateously. Compared to the FX-951, the FX-972 has a new composite tip with improved sensor sensitivity and a design that smoothly transfers the heat from the heater to the tip. The composite element and sensor guarantee rapid heating and thermal recovery. The accuracy of the tip temperature is now ± 3 ℃.

The temperature can easily be adjusted between 50 and 450 ℃. The station has a high visible display that shows the preset setting and the tip sensor and preset temperature. Furthermore the display angle is adjustable for easy viewing.

The built-in sensor in the tip (not included) makes it possible to use auto-sleep and auto-shutoff without connecting the station and the iron holder. A built-in sensor also detects the handpiece in use and automatically switches the channels, while the unused handpiece stands by the at the set temperature.

The soldering station can also be connected to a PC with the dedicated software, with which the tip set temperature and the temperature history of the tip can be recorded. Furthermore calibration/correction is possible with the PC software.

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Model overview

We offer two models in the Hakko FX-900 series, which differ in power, channels and available soldering irons.
ModelFX-971 FX-972
Power 100 W 200 W
Channels 1 2
Available soldering irons 4 8
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Power200 W
Temperature range
50 ℃ - 450 ℃
Temperature accuracy
± 3 ℃
Tip systemActive
ESD safe
Tip to earth resistance/voltage2 Ω / 2 mV
Automatic standby
Dimensions126 x 151 x 149 mm
Weight2.8 kg

Compatible products

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*any two applications of these soldering irons cannot be used simultaneously.

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The Hakko FX-972 comes with the following accessories:
  • Station
  • USB cable
  • Power cord

Pros and cons

  • Large choice in soldering irons
  • Computer software
  • No soldering iron or iron holder included


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