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41.28 €41.28 Excl. VAT

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This ESD workplace starter deal consists of multiple ESD products that can help you setting up your ESD-safe workplace environment. This package includes a high quality ESD table mat, an earthing plug, two spiral cables and a wristband.

The ESD table mat is of a very high quality and offer double-layered ESD protection (dissipation/conductivity) for the prevention of static discharges. The mat is heat-resistant and soldering-resistant; and they stay flexible, durable and comfortable. In addition, the mat has an anti-reflective coating (anti-glare) and can handle chemicals and oil. The corners of the mat are rounded and on the two corners the mat has a round contact point of 10 mm in order to connect the mat to the general grounding.

The mat in this starter deal is available in blue, grey and black, and has the following dimensions: 600 x 900 mm. The mat has a thickness of only 2 mm.

The earthing plug contains 3 separate connections, which are suited for all products which use a standard 10 mm connector. This plug can be used with most different types of EU power socket earthing connections (pin-type and strip-type).

The wristband also features a 10 mm connection, and is adjustable up to 220 mm. The color of the wristband that is provided in the kit can vary (mostly blue or yellow).

To top it off, the kit is also complete with two spiral ESD cables. These cables are approximately 180 cm long, and feature a 10 mm connection on both sides.

If you'd like to choose your own separate ESD products instead of this pre-configured kit, this is also possible. All products that are displayed in this kit are also available individually. ESD mats can be configured in different sizes, and wristbands in different colors. Take a look in our ESD category!


Connector mat 2 x 10 mm
Connector earthing plug 3 x 10 mm, euro plug
Connector spiral cable 2 x 10 mm
Length spiral cable 1,8 m
ESD - safe