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Tip from our expert:
This device is extremely intuitive to use. A simple power supply with the necessary extra functions such as memory slots and the option to program the power supply.

The Korad KA3005PS is the new and improved version of the popular programmable power supply KA3005P and has an excellent price/quality ratio. The KA3005PS/PE have a better internal design giving them better specifications and more functionality. For example, there is less noise from the fan and a display for the used power. The voltage and current can be regulated accurately with an adjustment precision of up to 10mV/1mA. The power supply has a separate switch to turn the output on and off. The device has 5 memory slots for storing and recalling the output settings. In the table below you can see the difference in specification between the new versions and the original version.

The Korad is programmable via the supplied software and a USB or RS232 connection.

Difference between models

Models KA3005P KA3005PS KA3005PEA
Current resolution (I ≤ 1A, I > 1A) 1mA/1mA 0.1mA/1mA 0.1mA/1mA
External Switch
Reduced fan noise
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Voltage Range 0 - 30 V
Current range 0 - 5 A
Setup accuracy 10 mV / 10 mA
Read back accuracy 10 mV
(20 Hz - 20 MHz)
< 2 mV rms
Eleshop noise production rating ★ ★ ★ ★
Weight 4,3 kg
Dimensions 110 x 285 x 165 mm

As a starting point for operating the power supply via Windows via both USB and RS232 a customer has shared this script with us. To use this, Python and the Pyserial module are required. It is also possible to use this power supply with SIGROK software.


The Korad KA3005PS power supply comes with the following accessories:

  • Power cord
  • USB cable

Pros and cons

  • Less fan noise
  • Up to 0.1mA resolution


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