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The Weicon Precision Wire Stripper S is a very compact, handheld wire stripper designed for small gauge wires. This stripper features an infinitely variable stripping range between 0.16 mm and 0.8 mm. The scanning system on the wire stripper automatically detects the conductor diameter and adjusts its settings accordingly. The required stripping length of the exposed conductor can be set between 5 and 45 mm.

If you are looking for a ESD safe equivalent of this wire stripper, take a look at this product.


Supported cable typeFine-stranded conductors and strands, PVC, PTFE/Teflon, Kynar insulation
Supported cable diameters⌀ 0.16 mm - 0.8 mm (34 - 20 AWG)
Cable length5 mm - 45 mm
Blade typeFirmly inserted, non-interchangeable
Length112 mm
Weight45 g

Pros and cons

  • Innovative design
  • Intuitive handling
  • Only small conductor diameters


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Review by George 
Posted on 07/09/2022
How many years I have been struggling with stripping real small diameter wires. With a few moves, this little stripper will remove the insulation of the wire without hurting the conductor, I tested it over and over again, not a single strand of wire was ever nicked!